Covid Policies and Procedures

Update February 2021 

Starting February 19th 2021 we are booking online reservations for our covered and heated outdoor dining patio.  Please clink on the link on any page on our website and you will be directed to booking online thru res-diary.  Our availability is in real time, and we are only booking out two weeks, with the hope of returning soon to indoor dining. 

We are open on the patio Wednesday-Sunday from 4-8pm.

All reservations are outside on our patio, and we are not booking future reservations for inside dining until we have been cleared to resume those operations. 

 Pianeta is also Currently Offering TOGO food and wine 5 days a week Wednesday-Sunday from 4pm to 8pm. We are closed Monday & Tuesday.

Please click on the phone number, or Call 530-587-4694 to place your order.  If the line is busy we are assisting other customers and try again.  I you call before 3pm, you can also leave us a message to place a TOGO order in advance.  Please only leave us your name and phone number, and the date you would like to place a future TOGO order.  Someone will call you back after 3pm to organize your future order.  Pianeta is encouraging pre-orders during the holidays from December 21st thru January 1st 2021.

Please click on the TOGO Menu page for offerings and how to place an order.   Thank you for your support and understanding.

Please Wear your mask when you arrive and when we take you to your table.  Please enjoy yourselves at your table mask free, but please use your mask when using our restrooms and exiting the building after enjoying your experience with us.

-Your entire party must be present to be seated (this is a county mandated policy). If you are still waiting for a member of your party to arrive, you will be instructed to wait in your car until you are ready – no congregating.

-Tables are limited to groups of the same household or parties that request to be seated together. Once you are seated, you do not have to remain 6 feet apart.
We have reconfigured our tables to allow for proper social distancing of 6 feet.
Tables will not be preset. When you are seated our team will bring your table sets to your table, including but not limited to, napkins, silverware, water and so on.

-Servers, wait staff, and front desk staff are required to wear face masks at all times. Employees have been trained to wash hands immediately after bussing. Hands must also be washed/sanitized between tables and before running food.

You are required to:
Stay home if you are not feeling well or experiencing symptoms including but not limited to coughing, fever, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal symptoms; or if you have been in contact with someone who has been either diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been asked to self-quarantine by a public health official (whether or not you feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms).

Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from those not in your immediate household at all times

-Our employees are required to:
Participate in COVID-19 safety and sanitation training

-Adhere to our comprehensive cleanliness standards and continue to use cleaning products approved for use by the EPA and proven to be effective against viruses
Wear a face mask when working with customers or near other employees
Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from others at all times
Stay at home if ill or not feeling well

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